Night Thoughts

Night Kyiv, Ukraine

Night Thoughts

When I see you asleep
It hits me so hard
I feel it so deep
I’m not even smart
Or beautiful but
You say I AM pretty
And I tell you to shut
But My doubts are so petty
And I love with all of my heart

Listen carefully
Ain’t gonna tell twice
You the reason to live
I don’t care of a price
I will pay for this moments
It’s hard to believe
But I live in a comics
I don’t need to receive
I just want to give you
Everything I have
And from the stupid million
You are the one to save

You are pretty honey so
I can’t live without it no
The day is bit sunny
And night is the sweetest
My thoughts are so funny
This dream is as weird as
Warm and dark snow
But I want it, you know…

© Mariia Miroshnychenko (Maria Myrosh) 2019
Published on April 7, 2019. All rights reserved.

Night Thoughts
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