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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kate Kuziakina, 9 y.o. girl drummer from Ukraine

"Miracle Drummer | Future UA" is a TV programme about Kate Kuziakina that was shown on the TV|UA channel recently.
guitar. Maria Miroshnychenko. Мария Мирошниченко. Марія Мірошниченко. Maria Miro

Look at the world through the strings of a guitar

How do sound strings look when you look at them from inside the guitar?

Johannes Rørvik Grov – Metallica discography on drums

Young drummer Johannes Rørvik Grov from Norway plays all the songs from every single album of Metallica from KILL 'EM ALL to HARDWIRED... TO SELF-DESTRUCT.

The Apprehension Engine for horror music

Apprehension Engine is a unique machine designed solely to produce eerie sounds for horror films.
Kyiv mural light show. Maria and friends. Maria Miro

Mural and light music show in Kyiv

Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 revived mural on one of the houses in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

My New Songs

Maria Myrosh - It'll be

It’ll Be

Please listen to my new song – It'll Be. Stream and buy this single on all music services.
Maria Myrosh – Honey

Honey (Night Thoughts)


Elon Musk is a Martian!