Elon Musk is a Martian!


My new song about Elon Musk and ticket to Mars.

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Elon is a Martian

I know, Elon Musk,
You were born on Mars
A thousand years ago.
And now is great task
To return, Elon Musk,
To your home planet, let’s go!

Give me a one ticket
On your big Mars rocket
From my blue planet
To red yours.
A round-trip ticket.
It’ll warm my pocket,
If distant red planet
Will close the doors!

Let a Starship fly
In a black deep space.
Don’t worry, friends, goodbye!
Like a night firefly
We’ll compete in the race
Not understanding why.

Hello, Elon Musk,
You were born on Mars
And everyone knows why.
We’ll complete the task
And on Mars, Elon Musk,
We will live and walk, and fly.

© 2019 Mariia Miroshnychenko aka Maria Myrosh, lyrics & vocals
© 2018 Victoria Malynovska, music